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Al Ruwais Supply And Services

Al Ruwais was incorporated on 2005. The company is geared towards supply and services to serve the energy industries covering oil & gas, petrochemical and power stations as well as the ship building, fabrication and construction industries. In a short span of time Al Ruwais has built itself a reputation for being a preferred service provider in its area of activities due to quality products, delivery commitment and efficient inventory management with excellent after sales service.

Al Ruwais Electrical & Mechanical Equipment LLC

The process are constantly evaluated and improved in the light of their efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility. We give feedback of the process and work towards the achievement of the Organizational goals & objectives. Management makes decisions about the design of the delivery process. This core principle of CIP is made to reflect and give the Feedback at regular intervals. We identify, reduce and eliminate of suboptimal process. We emphasize CIP is on incremental, continuous steps, avoiding quantum leaps. The main objective is on deciding how to increase the value of the delivery & service output to the customer and how much flexibility is valuable in the process to meet changing needs.

ware houe facility

Being the dealer of meterials for oil and gas,Offshore and Marine Fabrication and Construction industries in UAE,Al Ruwais has full fledged technical facility with two ware houses for our products with qualified after sales service team.

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